Pocket Dynasty Football

A Fun, Quirky, American Football
Management Sim Game

What Is Pocket Dynasty Football?

Who among us hasn't asked this question on a daily basis? It's kind of ridiculous that we have to specify this, but we're talking about American Football (not the band) here. And I totally agree that the sport should be called tackle egg ball or something along those lines. Soccer being called Football makes a ton of sense. But here we are.

While I love soccer and the excellent Football Manager games made by Sega, American Football is truly the best sport to ever have existed. It's just science. The strategy, the athleticism, the grit, and the complexity are unrivaled in any sport. When it comes to football management simluation video games, there seems to be a lot left to be desired.

That's why I'm here to introduce Pocket Dynasty Football. A fun, quirky, deep, unforgettable football strategy simulation game for web and mobile. I'm building the game using web technologies: HTML, CSS/SASS, and JavaScript. The hope is to be able to play the game on any web-based device. Let's be honest: a sports management sim game on a console would be an absolute butt fest.

So, I'm embarking on an epic game development journey to build Pocket Dynasty Football and this devlog is where I will map my progress, celebrate my victories and damn my failures...or at least make fun of them.